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Forbidden words blocker - Replaces any swearing in chat messages.

Anti-AD - Denies writing any ads(IPs, Web Addresses) into chat.

If you dont have XChat and want to find out what packages are available from the command line type: The main file I was interested in was the servlist_file on my previous installation, so I backed up my new servlist_file and proceeded to copy the old one with all my old network setting to my new XChat config directory: On a side note, I copied both the fresh servlist_file and my old servlist_file to my new Ubuntu One 'Backup' Sync folder and amended my 'conf file backup script' scheduled with cron to make a copy of the live servlist_file on a regular basis so I will have it wherever I am, even if my hdd explodes.

While IRC isn't perfect, and I don’t love some of its quirks, it's here to stay for at least the foreseeable future as its low barrier to entry and wide selection of open source clients make IRC, and particularly Freenode, the go-to place for open source projects to collaborate.

But it's been awhile since I’ve evaluated what tools I use to connect to IRC.

Meet Hex Chat, my personal favorite desktop IRC client.

Hex Chat might be called the logical successor to XChat, bringing active development to what would otherwise be a dormant project.

Years ago, XChat would have definitely been one of my top picks.

Xxchat mobile

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