Who is jay that gretchen is dating

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I arrived on the scene and contacted the victim, later identified as Slade Smiley, who was standing outside the restaurant,”Following the incident, the Police were called and Jay was arrested for assault and battery.

Apparently, this isn’t Slade and Gretchen’s first issue with Jay as the couple has been battling him in court for years.

Let us see or know what the other complications are and know her plans on getting married; that is if she has any.

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She also alleged that he leaked nude photos of her and told lies to tabloids about her, causing her to be fired from the popular “housewife” franchise and cost her $500,000 in endorsements.

Gretchen scored a legal victory when a jury awarded her $523,000 in damages.

Whether it will continue at this high quality is up to the writers because the actors are doing a great job.

The British/American mix worked on "Episodes" and I think here it goes one step further.

"Unfortunately, fairly quickly, we found out that a lot of family members already planned trips for Memorial Day weekend so we were unable to have it [then]." But the blonde beauty says she's not in any rush to plan another one. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) While the wedding may be on hold, plans for a baby aren't!

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