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, TIME’s Belinda Luscombe asks Reich about their movie date when the pair were undergrads at Dartmouth and Wellesley.

Reich also shares his views on Obamacare and what he learned from making the award-winning documentary “Inequality For All,” which hits theaters on September 27.

The young national security aides whom Obama depended on heavily for advice, including Denis Mc Donough, Ben Rhodes, and Samantha Power, saw the Arab Spring as a supreme opportunity for a president who had often spoken about “the arc of history” to align himself with the forces of change. She told her deputy, James Steinberg, that she saw no reason to believe that the Tahrir crowd would or could govern Egypt in Mubarak’s absence.

She was close to the Mubaraks, and especially to the president's wife, Suzanne.

The latter characterizations reveal how her status as a Muslim, and as one of the most powerful women in Washington, have made her suspect on the right.

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