Who is connor oberst dating

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Craig Ferguson: See, I love your work, and I'm reading that they're saying you're the new Bob Dylan, how does that stuff kinda get you?

Conor Mullen Oberst (born February 15, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter best known for his work in Bright Eyes.

Poet, indie-god, genius, Conor Oberst aka Bright Eyes has been in the tabloids and you can't fault his taste in women.

There's a picture in American mag The People and also in Tuesdays Daily Mirror 3AM column, reportedly showing Conor snoggin' headline-grabber Winona Ryder (yes, from Ed Scissorhands and Heathers and lots of other great movies), in a parking lot in LA.

Okay, I’m making up the thing about the mailman, but still. I think he’s pretty inspiring as a story, genuinely decent as a human being, and he’s got a neat haircut, but he strikes me as a bit of a guitar-pounder who never met a lyric he couldn’t overwrite, and you can find a lot of those at an open mike near you.

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