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Fans were shocked earlier this year when Cody announced he was going to wrestle for WWE's biggest rival TNA.

WWE is rumoured to be taking over TNA, making room for a "mass return of past superstars".

They are all in the top sets, and we believe quality family time is just as important as schooling.‘We are bringing our children up to value their education, we know how important it is, but we are being punished for three things, because we work full-time, the fines are double because we are married, and finally because we were honest enough to tell the school the truth about the holiday instead of simply saying the kids were ill.’‘Leave in term-time which results in significant absence from school is disruptive to the child’s education and has a detrimental impact on attainment.

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"In the past six months I had pleaded with WWE Creative and both of my bosses to let me roll the dice and once again be Cody Rhodes.

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