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“We believe that ‘Go Lala Go 2’ will help build a more consistent and closer partnership between FIC and NCM, and lead the charge in pushing forward this wave of Chinese content to reach more audiences,” said Cao Huayi, chairman of NCM.NCM has produced hits this year including “Jian Bing Man” and “Goodbye Mr.I have seen many blogs about favourite kdrama couples but I haven't seen any on Taiwanese drama couples.

Every few years there is a chick flick (or drama) with the standard tropes packaged in different ways and sold to a new generation of women looking for life and love as a young adult.

I’m beyond the target demographic so what ropes me into eagerly anticipating upcoming C-movieis purely for the cast, consisting of three of my all time favorite Taiwanese actors in Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Bolin Chen.

Her agent was quoted as saying on Tuesday: “Reen Yu revealed that a while back, while eating at home, Zaizai suddenly asked her to marry him. It was just that they were free today, so they went to register.” Chou’s marriage announcement caught his agent off guard, and she called him from Paris to confirm the news, said Apple Daily.

He was quoted as saying of the banquet: “It is all being arranged and planned, it’s up to our parents, I’m unclear about the timing.” Both agents said Yu was not pregnant.

The friendship was so real , it made really believe that falling in love with your best guy friend can actually work out Although I know this couple won't be happening in reality since Ariel Lin is now married ( so happy for her Love, now is a pretty long drama but its totallyy worth it.

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