Updating war file with ant who is pharrell dating 2016

by  |  19-Sep-2016 17:12

Slight changes to the ear are needed, depending on user selection during install.

At the end of the install process, I run an ant script which updates the ear based on the user's selections.

The ANT WAR task documentation reads: update | indicates whether to update or overwrite the destination file if it already exists. duplicate | behavior when a duplicate file is found. using duplicate="add" didnot have any effect either.

Valid values are "skip", "merge", and "mergewithoutmain".

I want to build my ear file once and then use ant to change some settings in application.xml, property files etc. [edit] Just found this How do I modify a file in a jar file using ANT?

If I use a jar task, with 'update="true"' and an inline manifest element containing the property I want to add, and no files specified, what is it likely to do?

Would this do exactly what I want, or would it replace the entire manifest, or replace the jar with no files, or something else?

-----Original Message----- From: Res Pons [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, 22 March 2006 PM To: [email protected]: RE: Adding jar files to already existing war files If this is a one time deal, rather than resorting to Ant tasks, use JDK's/bin/jar utility or command to accomplish this.

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