Updating facebook status via sms Completly free milf hook up

by  |  22-Dec-2016 07:50

Facebook not only allows you to subscribe to your friend’s updates and post updates via SMS, but they also allow you to use Facebook chat.First you need to activate SMS messaging in Facebook’s settings.All that aside, with some careful planning this method has worked great for me for the past week and I have fully cancelled my data plan saving me almost 0 a year.

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With Facebook Mobile SMS you can update your Status and reply all via SMS.

Staying social while your mobile doesn’t mean you have to pay for a data plan.

From today, the social network's Messenger service will be able to include SMS messages, pulling together all your texts into the app and putting an end to constant switching between windows.

The launch means that you'll be able to combine all your chats into one window, and will include all your favourite GIFs and emoticons.

Get started by logging into your account and going to your account settings.

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