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The United States of America has seven federal uniformed services that commission officers as defined by Title 10, and subsequently structured and organized by Title 10, Title 14, Title 33 and Title 42 of the United States Code. The National Guard was first formed in the Colony of Virginia in 1607 and is the oldest uniformed military force founded in the New World. The National Guard is a reserve military force composed of state National Guard militia units, which operate under Title 32 and under state authority.

Applicants must also meet the following requirements.

Due to commissioning requirements all USUHS students must be US citizens by their matriculation date. If you are able to gain citizenship prior to 1 November 2017, you may continue with the application.

Getting crushed by Alabama in conference championship games won't help those optics.

Maybe it's true: Mc Elwain doesn't feel appreciated for his consecutive SEC East titles right out of the box in Gainesville.

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