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His dam is sired by Al Tairah [Amir al Sahra x CC Tairah (x Aegian Neptune)] and out of YL Bonnie Baske (Baske-Tu x Vallejo Dawn (x Feribn)].His pedigree is filled with champions such as *Bask, and he is proving to be a champion himself.He is the perfect age, size and temperament to fit many peoples needs!

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It also said that accepting clones would render useless its use of DNA to track horses’ lineage, because clones would possess the same DNA as the original. “Cloning is not breeding.” Researchers clone animals by transplanting the genetic information from a cell in a donor animal -- either dead or alive -- into an unfertilized egg cell whose genetic information has been destroyed or physically removed.

In the case of horses, that egg is then implanted into a surrogate mare, where -- if everything goes smoothly -- it develops into a viable foal.

She will ranch sort, team pen, carry a flag, run barrels, poles, do play days, and ride the trails.

Cupcake will be a good prospect for; drill team, mounted patrol, trail horse competition, English, walk-trot, leadline, or a lesson horse.

Cupcake is very smooth at the walk, trot, and canter.

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