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Little to their surprise, Michael has been living in the house, and he does not much care for them setting up camp.

The leader of the pirate Lilliputtians behaves like an stereotypical pirate captain.

Therefore, he speaks in pirate jargon, he often insults other people and he is very agressive.

The channel has been around since the 80s and has had great shows such as 106 & Park, giving all the latest on new music and entertainment.

I thought you would be a continuation of the great year that was 2014. Then you stayed quiet....until the night of June 17. And so many of my friends lost relatives and friends.

Once again, I have banded with my team of writers and graphic designers in creating the most MASSIVE collection of TOP Quality products that you can brand and sell as your own, and it will raise the bar in the PLR industry.

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