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I then realized that I had read this trash in the past and stopped again. Each time, the webcomic was so bland and uninteresting that I immediately forgot about it as soon as I clicked the back button, only to read it again a few months later.

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And fans and detractors are lapping up the profanity-laced humour – to the tune of a quarter of a billion hits for the website in 2010 (reported by social-media news-blog, Mashable).

Little wonder that Inman’s party-hat-wearing alter ego, the Oatmeal cartoon character, is always in the mood to party.

The Oatmeal had a fairly modest start – by Inman’s standards – in 2009.

He had then just sold off his online dating website Mingle2 to a rival because he was convinced that his calling was in comic-drawing: A series of promotional comics the 29-year-old had drawn for Mingle2 was generating more interest than the website itself.

The site also features some bizarre quizzes, like “How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight” and “Are your loved ones plotting to kill you”.

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