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Now I don’t recommend stuffing your child with candy, cookies and soft drinks daily, but the odd treat won’t hurt them as long as it is balanced with a proper nutritious diet.

So here are some fun and easy treats you can surprise your child with, or let them join in the fun and help.

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So, into the unknown I went, and now it’s almost seven years later.

Getting to the point where I am today, however wasn’t easy.

You can let the kids enjoy them like that or if it is a hot summer day you can freeze them and then serve.

Make a batch of sugar cookie dough (or cheat and buy ready made dough available in the refrigerated section at the supermarket).

Finding myself single again at 41 years old was not fun. But, I have to be honest, there was an element of excitement to being single. I was getting away from a marriage that wasn’t making either one of us happy, and I was moving into the unknown.

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