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"I needed to get in an environment that had a lot of people of color and more culture," she said.

Having met her partner after moving, she encourages her single friends to go outside of Wilmington.

"Dating in Wilmington is lame," said Reddgo Long Jr. We asked singles and couples to share their dating mishaps and success stories. "There would have to be dating and mixers." Williams used the words "scarce" and "difficult" to describe the city's dating scene.

Two of these boys in bands were texting me some cryptic things. The other wasn’t even romantical* but oddly enough I was really into it. Okay, so at some point you have to just cut the chase to actually get what you want. Being confusing is fun and flirty, but if you want something, at the end of the day you just have to ask for it. On the same badass rebellious note, two of those bands all bought switchblades on their ride down to the festival. Related: Could Someone Please Explain ‘Casual Dating’ To Me?

As Penny Lane in Almost Famous says “I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt.

There are options here, she said, but singles have to put themselves out there. there's a lot of people outside of our small little circle of Wilmington." Though she may be taken, many of her friends are single and through them she gathered a consensus.

"Go to a club meeting, join a club, church, organization, that's how you meet more guys," Williams said. "The single scene in Wilmington interesting because the population and the makeup here," she said.

There’s something about being passionate and really caring that’s attractive. As one boy whose band name this statement may or may not have been derived from, said, “We are love after all.” I went to a few shows in which I had to be in the presence of a once ‘lover’, lost.

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