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It’s also the oldest one in Paris, dating back to 1879, and the beat-up, weather-worn animals that millions of children have ridden over centuries were actually sketched by Charles Garnier, architect of the Opera house in Paris. Children sitting on the outermost circle of horses are given a stick and attempt to spear the most number of tin rings, replaced at lightning speed by a park employee after each ring has been caught.

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Carousels were born from tragedy: A jousting accident killed King Henri II, Catherine de Medici’s husband, in 1559, driving knights to practise a safer alternative to these tournaments, such as spearing suspended rings with their lances.

For the birth of the Dauphin, Louis XVI held a carousel festival in 1662 in front of the Tuileries.

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The princess' Mercedes car was apparently being pursued at high speed by photographers on motorbikes when it hit a pillar and smashed into a wall.

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