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They soon gather quite a crowd, including the rich, beautiful, but socially bankrupt Sena Kashiwazaki, a feminine-looking boy named Yukimura Kusunoki, genius pervert girl Rika Shiguma, energetic but ill-tempered 10 year-old sister/teacher Maria Takayama, and even Kodaka's little sister Kobato. (It also would've helped if they didn't introduce so many all at once, like in the case of Yukimura and Rika.) Fortunately Haganai seems quite aware of this, because most of the episodes still revolve around Kodaka, Yozora, and/or Sena.

Would you believe me if I told you that despite the fact that nearly the entire cast is female, Haganai is not a romantic comedy, and not one kiss (and barely any hugs) is exchanged between any of the characters in the series? Haganai is, at its heart, a story about social misfits. This would be still be fine if not for Haganai's penchant for cheesecake overcoming story.

she's got a new manager (who turns out to be an old friend) and she's even got a new offer for a job... They think I'm a monster..." Everyone thinks Amu is a monster, a heartless beast. Read to find out Amu hinamori vuelve a Tokio después de 11 años de estar en Inglaterra, es transferida a la Academia Seiyo.

read, enjoy and review :)"They think that I have no feelings. Can Ren stand the torture of watching the woman he loves lock lips with the packs of red blooded males that visit their booth? Amu is the smartest girl in her school and Ikuto is the most popular boy in her school but what happens if Amu had tutor Ikuto will love grows between those two or will someone will get in between these two?

Here is a perfect example of how much a few extras decoration items can bring so much to a game!

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