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The carefree photos are so pure, perfectly capturing the ever-popular motto that "love is love." Our Valentine's Day goodies are even better when you've got someone to share them with. Online and in shops now: FK3I Pryx Z3ic E — Lush North America (@lushcosmetics) January 19, 2017Last week, we posted a photo that created quite the stir!

I am a licensed realtor and have a degree in construction management.

I handle the real estate, with Thomas and I making all of the design choices together.

Finally, 17 years after their first commitment ceremony, it's the real deal. Just like their heterosexual friends and neighbors.

The new addition to their wall will round out a family time line that is uniquely personal.

In today's trending, beer drinking competition has contestants drinking from basins, bland watermelon leads to police case, raising money for sick child with suanlafen and heat drives monkeys to disturb residents.

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