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Here you'll find a wide selection of toys, lube, and video materials.

The Condom Shack is a mecca for the dong bag connoisseur.

The best sex shops in Toronto are entertaining, educational, and extremely sex-positive.

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Sex vedeo blt

It was probably Francis’ use of the word “impotence,” along with “despair,” a common theme this week: The greatest sin is to give up completely.

This week also continues last week’s themes of “delusional stories we tell ourselves,” as everyone tries to convince Bill to write a better story for himself.

After enlisting nearly 800 women to complete a questionnaire, in addition to reporting their alcohol consumption, Italian researchers found a link between moderate consumption of red wine and sexual desires. If video games are killing your libido, it may be time to log on to your favorite NSFW site.

Though the study is a bit dated — it was completed in 2009 — we’re curious to see how the results might vary today, especially if other types of alcohol are involved. As results from a March 2015 study via the online Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who watch porn are more than likely to enjoy greater arousal in actual sexual situations with their partners.

But it’s not just grilled-cheeseheads who are heating up the bedroom.

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