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A damning new report alleges that Sri Lanka’s security forces continue to persecute the country's Tamils minority five years after the ending of the country's bloody civil war. 2014."The cases of torture, rape and sexual violence described in this report are just a small sample of those crimes likely to have been committed against Tamils," said Sooka in a statement.

It claims that the policy is “approved by the highest levels of government.”The report, produced by South African human rights lawyer and U. adviser Yasmin Sooka, the Bar Human Rights Committee, England and Wales, and the International Truth & Justice Project, Sri Lanka, is based on the testimony of 40 survivors who fled to the U. "The international community must act now otherwise such atrocities will continue to define post-conflict Sri Lanka."The United Nation’s Human Rights Council will vote today on whether to launch an international probe into Sri Lanka’s alleged war crimes during the three-decades-long ethnic conflict that ended in 2009.

Available information indicates that rapes by Sri Lankan security forces, together with other violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, sharply increased with the implementation of expanded Emergency Regulations, and the resumption of armed hostilities between the government and the LTTE following the breakdown of the 2002 ceasefire in 2006.

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"A senior officer came into the room and was asked to take his pick, like we were meat in a meat market. He took me to another room and raped me" Shocking details of the Sri Lanka military holding women as sex slaves in rape camps have been handed over to the United Nations.

quotes three female victims who charge of being detained alongside others for prolonged periods by the military and used as sexual slaves.

The authors compiled harrowing tales of severe torture and sexual abuse in custody, almost all of which took took place after the war ended, some as recently as Feb.

Aug.2017, 12.30PM) It is by now a well and widely known fact that present minister of justice and Buddha sasana Rajadurage Wijedasa alias Rajapaksage Wijedasa alias Dealdasa, is the traitorous scoundrel who is obstructing the enforce Read more (Lanka-e-News - 11.

"Two of the women describe being detained in a group in one room, available for any soldier to come and chose from and take to an adjacent room or tent to be raped," says ITJP.

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