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"We have a comprehensive policing plan in place due to the expected increase in visitor numbers - this will include additional officers at train stations and beaches.

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John Scott, for so long a quiet man of the Tory benches, is one of the few remaining success stories within the party’s depleted ranks after holding his seat despite the SNP landslide. At first glance, Ayr is no different to most other towns across Scotland, with empty shops on the high street and crime in the local paper.

In fact, on a blustery spring morning, nobody will actually admit to being among the 12,997 people who supported the country’s only right-of-centre party in the constituency ballot. The town has a proud Tory history, of course, and had a Conservative MP from 1950 to 1997.

The SNP have never had a look in but all that has changed now.” The idea that a core of wealthy voters prop up the Tory cause is supported by Margaret Byrnes, 62, an SNP voter from nearby Troon.

She says: “Where we are, there is a Millionaire’s Row, but they don’t even shop in Troon.” What about the suggestion many English people retire to the sandy shores of the Firth of Clyde, bringing along their political allegiances?

“They don’t work in town, some of them even fly from Prestwick to London every day.

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