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(Forum News Service photo by Robb Jefferies)That's the difficulty facing the state, which expects additional court-ordered placements of clients housed at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in St. Bonding bill failure Compounding the difficulties facing Johnson Piper and DHS is the Legislature's failure to pass a bonding bill that included million for two 20-unit facilities.

Peter, "backfired on us."In a recent interview, Johnson Piper said her department is "playing defense constantly" with the emotional and complex issue, and the growing number of restrictive residency ordinances popping up throughout the state."We tried to do outreach ahead of time in Kasota but it backfired on us," Johnson Piper said.

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Report suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center: (844) 800-1574A vulnerable adult can be anyone over age 18 who:* Has a physical, mental or emotional impairment that makes it difficult for the person to care for themselves without help and to protect themselves from maltreatment* Is in a hospital, nursing home, transitional care unit, assisted living, housing with services, board and care, foster care or other licensed care facility* Receives services such as home care, day services, personal care assistance or other licensed service Maltreatment includes:* Abuse, including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, use of restraints, involuntary seclusion or punishment* Neglect, including failure to provide necessary food, shelter, clothing, health care or supervision because of neglect by a caregiver or because the vulnerable adult cannot meet their own needs* Financial exploitation, including theft or withholding of money or property and/or use of money or property not for the vulnerable adult's benefit Adult Protective Services assess needs and provide emergency and continuing services to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable adults.

Examples of adult protection activities include assisting the vulnerable adult to move, apply for social or financial services, or initiate proceedings related to guardianship or conservatorship.

Those MSOP projects would have provided extended services for discharged sex offenders who also suffer from physical and mental needs, more of an assisted living type facility, Johnson Piper said.

Without larger facilities to house discharged sex offenders, DHS must find smaller, community-based options.

County Adult Protective Services agencies investigate reports of maltreatment of vulnerable adults when the suspect is a family member, friend, or stranger not related to a program or service licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health or the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS).

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