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You are probably the reason my account was comprised on Facebook. Then she does not immediately report it or even in a few days?!? Hi Phil, Thank you for the warning, I have passed this along to family and friends and I reported his fb page to facebook, since it is against facebook policy for a convicted, registered sex offender to use fb and to have a fb profile. He was probably friending me not your paranoid a$$. You are probably the reason my account was comprised on Facebook. She is walking around showing people that are not cops or doctors her breasts?!?Our compassionate yet tenacious attorneys specialize in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, business law, and planning for the future with estates and elder law.

And Im a woman saying this It is very common for women not to report it for days and weeks later.

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Its normal for women to shower right after a rape but there is still traces of semen in her body cavity. But he did avoid questions and he has that right under the 5th amendment but if you were 100% innocent you wouldnt need to plead the 5th.

Idk but if I was on that jury I couldnt find him guilty on the facts presented.

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