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This section of the Long, Long Trail will be helpful for anyone wishing to find out about the fighting in the little-known campaign in Salonika.

British forces involved at Salonika (The British Salonika Force) In October 1915 a combined Franco-British force of some two large brigades was landed at Salonika (today called Thessalonika) at the request of the Greek Prime Minister.

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The objective was to help the Serbs in their fight against Bulgarian aggression.

But the expedition arrived too late, the Serbs having been beaten before they landed.

There is also plenty to keep those interested in outdoor pursuits amused, with lots of rural landscapes perfect for exploring on foot, by bike or even by boat.

• Hylands House • Old Leigh • Dedham Vale • Rainham Marshes Essex has a number of excellent houses and gardens to explore, starting with the RHS Garden at Hyde Hall.

Long-time readers will be painfully aware of my love-hate relationship to the capital city of Serbia.

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