Scorpio dating scorpio compatibility

by  |  06-Jun-2017 06:39

At the beginning of relationship, Scorpio man will perceive the cheerful optimism of zodiac sign Leo as some light-mindedness, but after a while, he will calm down, seeing how deep and sincere his lady takes his ideas.

"Two forces that respect each other" - a Leo woman and Scorpio man can create a strong union governed by respect and love.

But this union can also turn into a war that will be devastating and merciless.

The compatibility horoscope of these two zodiac signs states that a union of two strong people can be quite peaceful, and their great creative energy will be directed at achieving set goals in life, if they show wisdom and tact in relation to each other.

Leo woman is generous and noble, cheerful and optimistic.

Water element of zodiac sign Scorpio can easily fill in the fire of Leo woman's enthusiasm.

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