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Goran Bregovic's new work Three Letters from Sarajevo is inspired by this metaphor.It is written for a solo instrument, the violin, that - played in Western, Oriental and Klezmer way - unites on the allegorical level the three religions that are the biggest treasure and curse of Sarajevo.Film is the mother of all multimedia and to experience, understand and creating film constitutes a crucial access to digital-, media- and information literacy.

SHADOW CASTERS, president, Croatia Whispers of the Walls How to teach hypertextuality and forensic of space to children and youth.

Whispers of the Wall is tool which makes them think, investigate, rewrite and plan our future.

Today, following the Bosnian War, few Serbs remain in central areas of Sarajevo; however, many parts of the pre-war metropolitan area are now forming the city of East Sarajevo in Republika Srpska; namely, Pale RS, East Ilidza, East Novo Sarajevo, Trnovo RS, and East Stari Grad.

Forcefully, most have either moved abroad, to Serbia or other countries, or moved to a new settlement on the outskirts of Sarajevo, located in the Republika Srpska, known as East Sarajevo (previously Srpsko Sarajevo - Serbian Sarajevo).

When the session starts, participants would go to tables selected by them and would all have 15 minutes to chat and discuss. The purpose of this session is not to try to enable everyone to discover everything about everybody.

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