Webside live sex chat - Payloadvalidatinginterceptor

by  |  27-May-2017 09:08

I got the same error: a SOAPFault with a NPE inside with no stack trace.

While debugging I noticed that the validator instance used in Payload Validating Interceptor is null, because set Schema does not initialize it.


Well, I assume that it's whatever's unmarshalling the data in the request, since I'm sending it an invalid request.

I could just as easily send it an invalid date and generate a soap fault response with a parse exception message.

You can see the result is two lines cryptic message for just one field.

Can I make the response message more prettier by making just one line?

If that correct, how to get the element name from QName object? I can send you in pastebin if you want [email protected]: No the default implementation of those methods are fine.

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