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Make sure you know about internal and external IP address, port setting, port forwarding, router etc.

Sometimes the router the camera is connected to can be interfering with the camera contacting the P2P server, causing the camera to drop connection and seem unavailable on mobile devices or off network computers.

Some routers vary restrictions from other basic routers, and some require the Internet Service Provider to make changes on their end.

Secure methods do not expose these things and allow you to still Embed your IP Camera in Web Pages and Web Sites but allow you to do so without exposing any of this information about your IP Camera.

Virtually any IP Camera and even any imaging device that can provide Snapshots via HTTP or HTTPS can use secure methods to display Single or Refreshed Snapshots on and in web pages, Blogs, Social Media Sites, Instant Messengers and in Emails.

Many different IP Camera live demos are used here to better help demonstrate the different methods and approaches shown here. Live Demos Using Many Different IP Camera Brands and Models You can embed virtually any IP Camera in a web page using one line of HTML quickly and easily that will not be using any controls for the IP Camera.

P2pcam sites

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