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Be it Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, get private consultation online with best sex specialist.Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition.

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ORANGE The questions that pop up on computer screens at Planned Parenthood’s headquarters can be surprising to those who aren’t tapped into high school locker room conversations or late night phone calls with friends. It wasn’t really planned, so we didn’t use a condom,” a 17-year-old girl types during a live chat online. I heard u can’t get pregnant the first time,” the teen writes.

“Yes, a female is at risk for pregnancy anytime she has unprotected intercourse,” writes a health educator who is sitting in a small office in Orange, who then explains the mechanics of a woman’s ovulation cycle and recommends emergency contraception. “Yes, that is common myth that many people have heard and believe.” This is a live online chat room hosted by the local chapter of Planned Parenthood. The small staff who responds to these questions — who all have bachelors degrees and certification from the state — say people from as far as Saudi Arabia have typed.

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hi doc, i have some queries regarding HIV transmission and symptoms. was on top of her (assuming she is HIV ), where i close both of her legs/thigh and hump in between the close ... Should I go for any other test for more assurance ? It also said that always to go PCR test to have ... may 1, am doing sex with prostitite by using condom.first that women put her mouth on my penis for 5 to 10 mins then i wear condom for fuck 24 i tested for hiv ,result is negative. will his body shows HBSag positve if he is infected HIV 3 ... It depends on lot of other factors that will be taught in ICTC center in govt.

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