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But cancer survivors who were lesbians were twice as likely to describe their health as fair or poor, and bisexual women were 2.3 times as likely compared with heterosexual females.

Prior to this point, there's been a lack of information about sexual orientation and detection rates and health status of cancer survivors, since cancer registries do not break out data by sexual orientation.

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They don't want to see their houses burning.'They don't want to see it so they don't know that you are doing all this kind stuff.'She then showed a photograph of a man who lived in the building and said he was offered a place to live in a high-rise hotel.

Nadia added: 'They wanted to put him in a building which is a high-rise building.

It’s a classic example of a long-established reality: Our understanding of cancer has changed greatly over the years, often destroying what were once firmly held beliefs.

Read full post Dan Cuccherini always considered himself a typical guy’s guy.

The analysis pooled data from surveys done in 2001, 2003, and 2005. It included nearly 70,000 heterosexual women along with more than 900 lesbians and 1,100 bisexual women.

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