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To understand this I will explain a little bit about the different mechanisms used by our eyes and cameras to detect color. There are 3 kinds of them and they respond to different regions in the electromagnetic spectrum.

As you can see from this image, a typical human cone cell cannot detect beyond 700 nm and hence our eyes can't detect IR.

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— we’re also giving away some sweet prizes courtesy of our friends at At 500px, we firmly believe that your tools are just that… Whether you plan on spending 2015 shooting with a 50MP $3,900 Canon 5DS R or an old i Phone 5s, a great photographer can make beautiful photos using any device capable of capturing images. We asked 4 talented 500px photographers to share their tips for making the most of your mobile phone’s camera.

We’ve talked about this before, but today we want to get practical. So if you wanna start capturing smartphone photos like the ones above, get out a pen and pad and prepare to take notes: 1. I always keep my phone in camera mode so that when I unlock it, it’s ready for taking pictures. There can be no excuses such as, “Oh, my phone is somewhere in my bag,” because we are talking about MOBILE photography. It may be an obvious thing to say, but nevertheless, you should remember to charge your phone and to keep your lens clean.

I carry a charger with me most of the time to use if I’m having coffee in some nice cafe, but the charger won’t save me in the forest. Not only does it help save the phone’s battery, but it also eliminates distractions and forces you to focus on photography. Don’t think twice, take pictures whenever you want and of whatever you wish! If you don’t like your picture you can always delete it, but if you had lost the moment you wouldn’t be able to turn back time and catch it. Let’s not forget that photography is all about using light.

If you doubt whether to take a picture or not — take it! Don’t overthink and hesitate because there’s nothing to lose. Even the most boring composition will be saved by the good light no matter if it’s a day or evening. Learn the technical peculiarities of your phone camera Find out the strong and weak sides of your phone. Don’t be lazy, read the manual and make sure you’re using your phone in the most efficient circumstances. She works as a teacher of English at school (teaching kids from 8 to 18 years of age) and dedicates her free time to photography and traveling.

i Cloud Photo Library syncs every photo you take on your i Phone up to Apple's servers and then syncs it back down to any other Apple devices you have logged into the same account.

No sign up nude mobile cam

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