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There’s usually at least one couple on a first date who pretend like they don’t see themselves (or at least one of them pretends), a few older couples that smooch quickly and get it over with, and about six different guys saying, “She’s my sister!

” Every now and then there’ll be a dramatic dip followed by a passionate kiss or even a marriage proposal. He believes education is the starting point in working for social justice and hopes to someday eliminate the spectacle in American politics.

"The goal is to reach anyone who is being trafficked," FBI Supervisory Special Agent Doug Hunt, who manages the San Francisco office's anti-trafficking efforts, which will also include sting operations the agency has used before previous Super Bowls.

This year's event in the San Francisco Bay Area, like past bowls and other large sporting events, is expected to be a magnet for trafficking in part because many thousands of men will pour into the region, according to experts.

Victims' advocates and local law enforcement officials say the FBI's efforts are laudable, and may help ensure the women and girls don't return to their pimps.

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