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I was reading that, I was pretty young, I was like 18.Defining normality has always been an obsession of mine. I guess it's the philosophical roots of the French educational system.

I started in Paris as a medical student, and my first assignment was to a unit of pediatric endocrinology in a Paris hospital, and it was the center of reference for all of France for babies born with ambiguous genitals.

And I was actually literally shocked by the way decisions were made on these patients.

But I know a dozen women in their late twenties and thirties who, after years of jumping from brand to brand and always feeling crazy or depressed, or after years of nagging health concerns about taking hormones, finally said “enough” and told their partners to put on a condom and deal with it.

Though we all want safe and accessible and reliable contraceptive options — thanks, Obamacare?

Many were prescribed the pill before they even started having sex.

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