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A copy of the lawsuit was obtained from the courthouse Monday by the Free Press.

The lawsuit characterizes for the first time the nature of claims of "inappropriate behavior" on the team that came to light last month, prompting Giummo's suspension from hockey and police and school-district investigations.“In February 2016, Defendants knowingly and/or negligently participated in a scheme to falsely accuse Plaintiff of misconduct, including sexual misconduct, toward …

I used to race home from grade school on my bike to catch the gothic soap opera, “Dark Shadows,” on TV. I adored Anne Rice’s books, and then later, as a screenwriter, adapted Rice’s for James Cameron and 20th Century Fox (sadly, the film remains unmade! Because my other novels retell the stories of women in history in an empowering way, the idea of empowering the vampire’s “victim” was irresistible to me.

to England to research the book, settling in a London neighborhood that was developed in 1890, not far from where Bram Stoker resided.

Next day she caught a train to Sevenoaks in Kent, taking a taxi home, possibly carrying heroin bought in London for around £500.

Her last-known contact was a 12-minute phone chat with a friend on the Sunday evening.

Suffolk’s community transport network – which links some of the most remote villages in the county with their nearest towns – will be retained despite a court ruling that is forcing major changes to the service.

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