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Philippine passport holders who intend to visit or work in Korea are required to secure a visa at the Consular Office.

Visa classifications are as follows: – Temporary Visitor’s Visa (Tourist/Business) – Transit Visa for Seafarers – Holders of Confirmation of Visa Issuance number from Korea’s Ministry of Justice.

Required documents depend on the applicant’s occupation and purpose of visit to Korea. Representative may file the applications as long as the documents are complete.

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Some parts of the website are still under construction but the most important pages, IMO, are already there.

There’s also a page where you can download forms, which are PDF files and can be viewed by using Foxit (my favorite PDF reader).

Mimar Daan Fungo | [email protected]| Alley 57 Blk 2 San andres Cainta Rizal Tuesday, August 01, 2017 at AM PST Hi, Magkano po fare pag may sakay na sasakyan Almera nissan from matnog to allen at pati na rin po from samar to Ubay, Bohol. Mimar Daan Fungo | [email protected]| Alley 57 Blk 2 San andres Cainta Rizal Tuesday, August 01, 2017 at AM PST Hi!

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