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It was necessary however to dispense with one particularly inconvenient Homo fossil, a fairly modern-looking maxilla from the Hadar region of Ethiopia, A. 666-1, because it carries a date of 2.33 Ma, pre-dating (by evolutionary reckoning) any revised date possible for Au. Berger’s team explains, however, that “While the specimen does indeed align with fossils attributed to Homo, it does not do so to the exclusion of australopiths.”8 In other words, A. 666-1 might not really be Homo because it is sort of a mosaic of features, including some seen in australopithecines. Having eliminated the inconveniently old jaw from competition, Berger’s sediba only had to prove to be older than 1.90 Ma.

This target date was settled on the basis of Homo erectus fossils from Koobi Fora, Swartkans, and Dmansi, which collectively date in the 1.78–1.90 Ma range.

At 1.78–1.95 million years old (Ma), Australopithecus sediba was just “too young to be considered an ancestor of Homo.”5 Those original dates were derived from a combination of “faunal correlation, U-Pb dating, and paleomagnetic data.”6 In order to take its place on Homo’s ancestral throne, Au. Both missions were accomplished and duly reported with apparent phenomenal precision.

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Just when it seemed that the recent monumental fuss over the origins of modern human beings was beginning to quiet down, an ancient ancestor is once more running wild. Whatever you call it, erectus has traditionally been a quiet, average sort of hominid: low of brow, thick of bone, endowed with a brain larger than that of previous hominids but smaller than those that followed, a face less apelike and projecting than that of its ancestors but decidedly more simian than its descendants'.

The uppity ancestor this time is Homo erectus--alias Java man, alias Peking man, alias a mouthful of formal names known only to the paleontological cognoscenti.

This form was heavier and stockier with giant molar teeth but small front teeth.

Fossil human remains from Olduvai and and they date from 1 1/2 to 2 million years ago.

And shamelessly flaunting its contempt for conventional wisdom in the public press.

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