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I love their love story, the main guy had such interesting principales that she followed by and wanted to avoid falling in love with someone that she didnt have a promising future with. The male lead just couldn't resist her charms and fell for her by their first date Rash's Choice: The common plot of this type of drama is. She suffers great misfortune and comes from a middle-class/low-class family. And it's not my favorite type of cliché cause not all girls are poor and unsuccessful.

I completely respect that and even admire her ability to hold back on the desire to go out with a guy she likes even though she did want to and at first she hated him. They are portrayed as girls who have problems and depend on a rich guy to solve them which made me dislike views of kdramas but when I saw "High Society" I felt relieved that its not always the same.

The two of them are close, and it is not only them but the whole rapper idols are close. On the other hand, Korean netizens believe that this is an undeniable evidence that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan are close, because the female idol uses Jinhwan’s pet as her profile on her SNS and her ideal type matches well with Jinhwan as well.

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So in a way that helped but after a few days, she went to him :) aww how could she resist him Kachi's Choice: Hmm. Actually I like CATFK because of her badass personality and found the chemistry cute.

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