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Its not anti-american, its just a scandal that started from the states, they cant refer to the actual people that started the speculation, thats impossible. Some Korean Fans are actually attacking American fans for bothering to let something as this get out, without more proof.well that video is kinda exaggerated..we didnt know whats really happening off cam so im hoping its just a friendly gesture of my cutie xiah to that girl name taeyeon and not really dating..Another photo posted by another netizen of them walking closely together while overseas has also lend credibility to the scandal of being a reality.

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Early May, fans spotted Tae Su having dinner and watching a movie together, they still speculated about it but thought it was nothing until the HB pictures came out.♡6.

Tae Su both have the same title for their solo song "If"♡7.

Unless you're vegetarian, I'm guessing you eat poultry.

I don't know if you want to eat meat that's laced with Mad Cow Disease that might make your brain turn into a sponge.^^ im with you 100% on that remark soyboy.

It turns out that the two idol stars were apparently caught wearing a same necklace, resulting in numerous speculations of their mystery relationship. ) Of course, this can just be a mere coincidence, possibly caused by being in the same company with same stylists who provide them such accessories.

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