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Discussion: It is prohibited for either party in a prospective match to give false information or to withhold pertinent information about themselves.[7] In certain cases, withholding or falsifying information could result in the invalidation of a marriage.[8] The poskim give some examples of information that may not be withheld in a prospective match [and which, if withheld, may invalidate a marriage]: serious physical or mental illness,[9] infertility,[10] accurate financial status,[11] lack of religious observance,[12] previous marital status,[13] previous illicit relationships,[14] conversion,[15] adoption.[16] One is not required to divulge a deficiency which most people do not consider to be an impediment, such as a minor illness,[17] a physical weakness or a minor blemish in one's lineage.[18] Similarly, it is not required to divulge a transgression in the distant past for which the sinner has repented.[19] Since it is often difficult to gauge and judge minor drawbacks versus major deficiencies, a rav must always be consulted.

Question: When being asked for information about a prospective shidduch, what type of information may be shared with others?

ABC News: Scammers target those on online dating sites, FBI says The Palm Beacher – February 2017 Pinecrest Lifestyle – February 2017 Scammers target those on online dating sites, FBI says Aventura Magazine Dec 2014 Matchmakers fight rise of intermarriage Sun Sentinel, Oct 2014 When Jewish community leader Barbara Black Goldfarb and psychologist Nancy Gold opened Elegant Introductions, a Jewish matchmaking business in 2013, the duo claimed they started the business less for financial reasons and more to stem the tide of intermarriage within the South Florida Jewish community.

“The Pew research study of 2013 indicated a high rate of intermarriage, with the expectation that there will be less Jewish children in the next 20-30 years than in the past.

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