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A very cute, attractive person who may not know that she is one.

She is, however, very modest about her superb appearance.

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Charisma simply is caring deeply about something and having the courage to uncork some passion and share it with others.

There are certain aspects of creativity that are drudgery. But since you are broke, don’t outsource it to a paid agent.

Every architect for example (except perhaps for Norman Foster) has to concede a little in aesthetics to improve the functionality of their design.

The same applies to landscape architects (I know because I live with one) where there's a permanent tension between the number of trees a typical scheme can accommodate and the number of car-parking spaces.

With social media and blogs taking center stage as vehicles for self promotion, the author’s bio is a necessary evil. Nevertheless, if you have anything at all to say, you will have to accompany it with a bio of some sort. My bio for a long time was the same thing I kept on my business cards. She wrote an elegant bio, with a sales angle, threw in a little humor and then asked for a consulting fee of $10 so she could order a season of Suite Life with Zach and Cody before she handed it over.

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