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It’s important to not be rigid and to stay focused on your communication skills.

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: clothing stylists, personal advisers, assistants, publicists, lighting experts, writers, producers, directors, editors, trusted confidants and above all therapists.

One topic which arises almost every time I am working with a client is the subject of love and the current relationship issues we are all experiencing at that time.

One of the first things that I take the reader through in my book is to understand yourself and get to know what works best for you, and also what doesn’t work. I liked that show where people were put together based on how they looked on paper.

The thing I loved about the show was that there were experts helping them, but even in the best situation, you can’t run away from an imperfect interaction, situation or person.

Ansari is best-known for appearing alongside Amy Poehler as a regular character in the US sitcom 'Parks and Recreation' and released his first book 'Modern Romance: An Investigation' about dating in the modern world earlier this year Do you miss Jon Stewart on The Daily Show [Ansari interned on the show and has appeared on it several times]? Have you planned what's going to happen to Dev in the future? We have just finished the first season so we'll just wait and see what happens when it comes out. I'll see whether we're going to do a second season and I'll think about it then.

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