Internet dating trailer

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The two men were involved in a love triangle with "Jessi," who they thought to be an 18-year-old girl with the screen name 'talhotblond'.

While both men knew each other from work, neither had ever met "Jessi" in person.

Dean Munro, a few lawyers and certain technicians at a computer firm all assured Tarr that the idea was feasible.

Using computer-generated data to connect people is not necessarily new, as this group pointed out, but the web brought it to a another level.

A fresh take on the action-RPG genre, Nie R: Automata is being developed in collaboration with Platinum Games Inc.

and gracefully blends mesmerising action with a captivating story.

Until then, you can learn more and relive the original announcement trailer and action packed trailers with more exciting gameplay and boss battles, by checking out the official site.

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