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If you do get in touch with Hardy, please let them know you got the details from this site (thanks! If you would rather find your own answers, then I would suggest taking a look at this site for names and dates of manufacture for Hardy rods (and reels).If you know of any other resources for finding out the age of Hardy Rods or Reels, please leave a message below.The Hardy Pro Team is made up from arguably some of the finest instructors and fishermen, ranging from world casting champions to international anglers.

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The first place I'd point people, and somewhere I've bought a number of rods from, is to the excellent Classified section over at Fly Forums.

There is always a great selection of rods for sale on the forums, not always Hardy but certainly worth taking a look.

Behind the scenes, their input helps make sure the next generation of tackle is even better than the last.

Some of the Pro Team also offer guiding and tuition and write inspiring and educational fishing articles, both for our own Hardy ezine, and for the UK's main angling publications.

Try putting a pack of frozen peas on the joint for about half an hour - this causes the rod material to shrink slightly - then pull and twist in opposite directions, gripping as close to the joint as you can (rubber gloves are very helpful for this).

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