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If the patient has a history of trauma and meets criteria for imaging then radiographs may be helpful as dystonia can occur in the presence of bony injury.

While movements should be minimised, please don’t try to force these patients into a rigid collar! Perform a neurological examination and check the history carefully to make sure there are no features which might point you to possible sinister causes – think fever, weight loss, night sweats, reduced appetite…

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In 1987, Gloria Estefan wrote and released her hit, "Rhythm is Gonna Get You." ♫ Music tempo and rhythm certainly are helpful when working out, whether you're a runner, a walker, or simply stepping to the beat of the music.

If you do your workouts in a class, you know this works.

By the time you’ve worked in the Emergency Department for more than a week it’s highly likely you’ll have seen a patient who has a bit of a sore neck after a relatively minor bump in their car.

A little less often we see patients presenting with a fixed torticollis, their head held over to one side with pain associated with attempts to return it to a normal position.

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