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by  |  31-May-2017 22:56

“reunion cruises,” how they give back to charity, and—as host Chris Harrison kept saying—how exactly the “biggest TV scandal of 2010” went down, i.e.

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There are some people who sign up to dating websites to find the serious relationships while the other may be looking for the casual relationships.

Some prefer to have the friendship based relationship; others may like to have the relationship filled with romance and love only.

But sometimes all of those people pretending to be relationship experts telling you how to live your life gets frustrating.

You know what you need to do to meet people and that is: go out! When you’re dating, it’s important to remember this dating tip because the person across from you is in the same position as you: awkwardly trying to make conversation in the hopes of finding something more.

Here are some terrible pieces of advice I’ve gotten (some of which rhyme! This dating tip is one I’ve always struggled with because sometimes you just know when you don’t like someone and not everyone who sets you up is going to be an expert matchmaker with perfect taste.

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