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Dues are only $10.00 year, which is a fraction of the average cost of a mom/child class. For example, this year alone we have already had hundreds of events including music classes; baby sign classes; gym events; soccer classes; child photoshoots; trips to museums and the Bronx zoo; presentations by a pediatric immunologist; book clubs where kids are welcome; get togethers at local libraries, Whole Foods, restaurants and coffee houses; as well as stroller walks and baby friendly yoga & pilates classes.

Most of our events are free or very heavily discounted.

But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging.

Johann Hari reports The wide, smiling face of Sheikh Mohammed – the absolute ruler of Dubai – beams down on his creation.

We also have had special events for moms not originally from NY, including events for Mandarin, German, & French speaking moms.

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