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(Kevin Winter/Getty Images) The accounting firm Pw C, formerly known as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, has handled Oscar balloting for decades.

Pw C sent out a statement apologizing for the error, saying the presenters were "given the wrong category envelope," while promising an investigation.

“I used to hate having to call myself a singer-songwriter,” says Ezra. And when I started writing for myself and putting in the bluesy licks, that’s when it became exciting, and that’s when people started getting interested.” Ezra certainly doesn’t come across as a tortured artist. ’” And yet it was Ezra himself who was to sign a major recording deal during his first year of college, as his old fashioned style became increasingly in sync with new music trends.

“Because I picture what I saw so much of at open mic nights, that breed of melancholic folk, kind of shut your eyes, strum your guitar and everything is said for you, one cliché after the other. Wearing a knitted patterned jumper, drinking from a bottle of water, he has the level-headed charm of a well-brought up boy next door. Though his parents (both teachers) are divorced he describes childhood in Hertfordshire for himself and two siblings as supportive and encouraging. The plan was to go to uni, have fun writing and playing music, stay on and get my teaching qualification. On my first day, I remember one particular moron telling us all that if he didn’t have a deal in a year he was going to drop out. Ezra discovered the classic singer-songwriters in his father’s CD collection, notably Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Van Morrison and Tom Waits.

By the first week in December, the 21-year-old bluesy singer-songwriter had already pre-recorded performances for the Top Of The Pops Christmas special, John Bishop’s Christmas Show and Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Christmas Special. Been there, done that.” It has been a big year for Ezra.

“I’m tinselled out,” he smiles wanly, backstage at an XFM Christmas Special. Other music stars may have grabbed the headlines for short bursts but Ezra has been ever-present.

Classics such as Maggie May, The First Cut is the Deepest and Sailing provided the perfect Sunday singalong.

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