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Enza does not appear to be an intensely emotional or sentimental person, and she is often unaware of her own or other people's deeper feelings and emotional needs.

Tears and tantrums bewilder her and make her very uncomfortable.

White House wannabe Donald Trump greeted an ecstatic crowd of supporters in Norwood last night, saying the thousands of people who turned out to party with him at car czar Ernie Boch Jr.’s estate are proof “people want to see real change.”The bodacious billionaire pulled into the Boch compound shortly after and after taking a blizzard of questions from the press, did a brief private meet-and-greet with his host and a few VIPs then made his way into the party, surrounded by fans and supporters.

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He says that he learned everything he knows about business by working with his father. The Boch family business only included 6 dealerships, but Ernie said that each one sold an enormous number of vehicles.

In 2003, his father, Ernie Boch Sr., died, leaving the automobile empire to Ernie Jr. sold most of the dealerships, retaining his Maserati and Ferrari dealerships and remaining as CEO of New England Subaru.

Enza Sambataro expects, and draws out, the best from people and she enjoys making others comfortable and happy.

Because of her emotional generosity, her life is rich with friends, and often financial blessings as well.

Emotionally as well Enza is restless and somewhat of a wanderer.

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