Dating someone you met at a club

by  |  24-Oct-2016 16:06

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will increase your chances of meeting the right guy. Don't just wait for Chester Doucheington III to approach you reeking of Axe body spray and vodka and Red Bulls.

If you see a cute shy guy at the bar, strike up a conversation. Throw conventional thinking out the window and offer to buy him a drink. If all else fails, use one of Professor Devore's patented pick-up lines. This seems like a no-brainer, but having a gal pal (or guy friend) with you will help to weed out the d-bags.

You feel the pressure intensifying as you try to come up with a text that’s the perfect combination of witty, cute and casual. Geoffrey Greif, author of “I like when I get a text from a girl that’s simple and honest,” says Jude, a freshman at the University of Missouri–St. “Just knowing that she had a good time is always good to hear.

There also isn’t a lot of pressure in receiving a text like that.

You met at a bar, he asked for your number but will he actually call?

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