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Although I have not joined datingsitebuilder, and not one of them either, was reading reviews before signing up but realized some of the latest reviews just look like spam. I have paying CUSTOMERS that are getting ready to lose their access because the Dating Site Builder people will not respond to me.

I have been keeping my eye on datingsitebuilder and I thought they only had $20, $50, $100, and Enterprise $150 per month service plans. The post also trying hard to recommend the guy "Josh". Payment Problems(I pay and they say it was not received, NOW still I have no access to my account after 2 months) next They raise the prices first buy $10.00 and now to $149.99 A month.

Not only do your messages appear first in users’ inboxes, but your profile will also be more heavily displayed on site. People can both connect with and find you more easily.

Notice that this page also features several smiling couples.

They took my clients when I cancelled due to poor customer service and charging me extra for every little fix I needed. I started my site with them and from the first month I have had problems.

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