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On July 1, 1993, after five years of drilling, the Greenland Ice Sheet Project Two (GISP2) penetrated through the summit of the Greenland ice sheet and 1.55 meters into bedrock – recovering an ice core 3053.44 meters in depth.

The project was supported by the United States, Switzerland, and Denmark.

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The events are designed to bring fun and active singles together in a safe and relaxed environment.

They are hosted in the most popular venues in town and always have a fun ice breaker to get the conversation going.

which compared the spacing between frost ring events (physical scarring of living growth rings by prolonged sub-zero temperatures) in the bristlecone pine tree ring chronology, and spacing between prominent acids in a suite of ice cores from both Greenland and Antarctica.

The main conclusion was that ice core dates, in particular those ice cores relied upon the Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 ( by a collaboration including Earth scientists, dendrochonologists, and historians, the chronology of the Greenland North Eemian Ice Drilling core (NEEM) has been reassessed and re-dated, confirming that such an offset does indeed exist in the GICC05 timescale below AD 1000.

It works unless people are tired after work and don’t want to go out for dinner. Good event because you get a chance to talk to someone for a long time. But raging extroverts find twenty friends walking to the metro, why are they going to a singles event? Dissuade married people from coming, encourage singles, provide opportunity for people people to interact.

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